The first Chrono Trigger Tournament!

CT Tournament Defeat Magus!

Hello speedfriends, the Chrono Trigger community want to invite you to participate in the Chrono Trigger ‘Defeat Magus’ tournament we will be holding starting March 1.

This is a great chance to pick up the game and have some fun races. We have created some video tutorials and route document specifically for this tournament which you can find below. Any other questions you might have you can just join the Discord server we’ve opened for the tourmanent and ask away!

There will most likely always be someone online who can help you with any questions you might have. We will also be announcing on Discord dates to setup the races, etc... This is a long tournament so for each race you will have 1-2 weeks to race your opponent (See FAQ). So please join the server, it kind of is required to make it all run smoothly, you can download Discord in case you don’t have it already.

The way the tournament is organized

We give runners a period of time to get in touch with their opponents, set a date and race based on the dates we set at the start of the tournament (You can see them beside each of the rounds).

As soon as runners give us a Date&Time we will update it in the Matches section and we will make a note if it’s going to be able to be restreamed on or if it’s going to be only on the respective runners channels.

The restreamed race vods will be uploaded on Youtube a couple of hours after the race ends: Vods Playlist.


Video Tutorial

Video tutorial made by ElGranJerry.

Route Document

Google document with the route.

Boss Pattern

Pattern for all the bosses.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve seen Chrono Carts (US) go for over $100 online, do I have to buy one to race?

You don’t have to do that! Luckily Chrono Trigger emulates pretty well so you can race on Emulator (Check SRL for banned emulators list) or get it for the Wii Virtual Console and race! If you are going to use emulator you can use Snes9x 1.53 or Bizhawk if your computer can handle it.

What are the rules for the races, do I have to stream? What do I have to do before racing?

Streaming is required for this tournament, you have to stream every race you do, it will also follow SpeedrunsLive rules.
Here’s a list of steps on what to do in order to race:

What is SpeedrunsLive channel? How do I race there?

SpeedrunsLive is a website speedrunners use to race, if you’re new to this please read the FAQ over at Basically what you have to do is setup a nickname (Preferably same as your Twitch Name) and join the IRC channel. Once you are there you can create race channels and the results will be saved in the webpage. This is just another way for us to make sure the players did finish with the time they stated and we can compare SRL time to the time in their stream if there were to be any incongruences.

I’ve never speedran Chrono Trigger before, where does the time start and end?

active/wait screen

Normally for runs we start the timer from the first screen after we reset (Pendulum), for the race we will be starting the time here (See Img. below) As soon as the timer starts you can select 'Wait' and start the run.

The timer stops as soon as Magus takes a knee. When you defeat Magus you get xp, coins, etc... Then about 3 seconds pass and Magus takes a knee, right there the timer stops (See Img. below). The reason we do this is to have a fixed ending point for everyone running this category.

defeat Magus split

I’ve never ran this game before… am I going to be racing against the 1st place in my first race because of this? If so, then I might not join just to lose… :(

Don’t worry, we will try to be seeding the bracket in a way that at least your first race will be against someone with the same or similar skill level as you. Obviously if you start winning or go to the losers bracket you might run against a few of the better players but don’t get discouraged! CT is a very volatile game and anything can happen ;).

How long is a Defeat Magus run going to take me? Took me 3 weeks to get there as a kid.... Am I going to be up all night???

Not at all! A great Defeat Magus time is around 1:50, so if this is your first time running this game and you followed the tutorials/route posted above, you will be done in under 2:40 hours for sure. With the times only getting better from there!

I am loving speedrunning this game! Are there other categories I can speedrun?!?!?

There sure are! We have Any%, Any% No LSS, 100%, All Endings and NG+ so pick your favorite. You can go to to check rules for this categories as well as times/routes, tutorials, etc... We also have a page on but we only use that to update times, the notes are on the wikidot page.

I am new to speedrunning, what program do you use for the timers on the streams?

Most runners use Livesplit. The page has an FAQ on how to use it. It’s really simple to setup.